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The New York State Family Engagement Coalition is an outgrowth of the On the Same Page Summit for Family Engagement in Education.  The purpose of the coalition is to advocate in a unified voice for family engagement policies and practices in NYS to all levels of state government; access, disseminate, and communicate the latest research and best practices on family engagement; advise NYSED regarding family engagement as it relates to policy and practice; and develop and maintain a statewide family engagement network of families, practitioners, researchers, and policy makers.

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Family Engagement Definition:

This definition comes from Dr. Heather Weiss in a November article on the Harvard Family Research Project website.  It is the most concise, broad based statement that supports our efforts at systemic change covering all Action Team goals.  This expanded definition of family engagement, which has already been adopted by the Family, School, and Community National Working Group, reflects research showing that families play significant roles in supporting their children's learning, in guiding their children successfully through a complex school system, and in strongly advocating for their children and for effective public schools. 

First, family engagement is a shared responsibility in which schools and other community agencies and organizations are committed to reaching out to engage families in meaningful ways and in which families are committed to actively supporting their children's learning and development.

Second, family engagement is continuous across a child's life and entails enduring commitment but changing parent roles as children mature into young adulthood.

Third, effective family engagement cuts across and reinforces learning in the multiple settings where children learn- at home, in prekindergarten programs, in school, in after school programs, in faith-based institutions, and in the community.

Family Engagement Standards:

As a means to measure Family Engagement in Education, we will use as reference the National PTA Standards, Goals, and Indicators For Family-School Partnerships click here to view the document.

Inviting students, families, and professionals.

All are welcome and encouraged to join the coalition.


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 "On the Same Page - Families and Schools as Partners" 

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Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - Preparing Schools
Part 3 - Engaging Families
Part 4 - Starting Earlier
Part 5 - Engaging the Community
Part 6 - Conclusion


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